glammed up entryway.

When I spotted this post on one of my fave blogs it immediately caught my attention.  I noticed that entryway held a few similarities to the entry in my own home. Black console? Check. Gray and purple color scheme? Check.  Since I am always looking for ways to change things up around here, I figured I would take on Abbe's challenge to glam up my entryway!

These two different options I designed both have the same key elements: black console, graphic runner, plum nailhead x-bench stools flanking the console, abstract art that I will attempt to DIY and those A-MAZING agate wall sconces featured in Abbe's shop, Shop Ten 25 (if you feel like losing your mind over all of the gorgeousness she has for sale, go there now)!

So here is option #1:

and option #2:

Which one strikes your fancy?


  1. i am really diggin' option 2's rug. love them both! your style is impeccable as always. xo

  2. Damn daughter, you are good! xoxo


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