birthday wishlist.

Solo Headphones, $199.95, Beats By Dre  |  Reasons 'Ain't Laurent' T Shirt, $59.07, ASOS  |  
Jo Malone London Grapefruit Cologne, $60.00, Neiman Marcus  |  Celine Graphic Sunglasses, $311.00, Designer Sunnies  |  Alexis Bittar Chain Link Ring, $95.00, Nordstrom  |  Xhiliration Kahsah High Top Wedge Sneakers, $28.00, Target  |  3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Medium Satchel, $825.00, Saks

My 28th birthday is right around the corner so I thought I'd put together a little list of things that I've been coveting lately.  I know, I know, maybe a wishlist at this age is a tad bit ridiculous, but I love giving and receiving gifts (be honest, you do, too) so why not? The 'Ain't Laurent' T shirt and Celine sunnies are uber-popular right now, as I'm sure you've seen most celebs rocking the glasses and the shirt floating around the blogosphere, but I can't help it, I dig them! If I could have just one item it would definitely be the Pashli Satchel...did I tell you I have a handbag obsession? It's structured shape is classic and lady-like, and will transition so easily from summer to fall and beyond.  Instead of opting for a basic black or camel leather, the cobalt blue will make a statement and add some impact to any outfit! Sure, it's an investment, but a bag like that is totally worth it! A girl can dream, right?


  1. So, I had to google "Ain't Laurent" to figure out what it meant. Wow, what a big risk to change the name of such a well known company. I mean, I'm used to seeing this type of behavior in the music world, i.e. Sean Combs (Puff Daddy), but did not expect it for such a big company. The bag is of course my favorite, especially in blue! Happy shopping!

  2. i can't believe they changed it either!
    thanks for stopping by!


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