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My blogger and real life bestie Vanessa from One Social Brunette tagged me in a "Diaper Bag Swag" challenge. So today I am sharing with you what's in my diaper bag! As a first time mom everyone advises you to be prepared for all situations when you are on the go.  However, in my opinion, most moms overpack and I refuse to lug around a million things...after all, I never venture too far from home. I have managed to pare down my absolute essentials and here they are:

1. Neverfull GM, Louis Vuitton, $980.00: I love this bag so, so much! I found it difficult to find a diaper bag that was stylish and didn't scream "mom". Those that I did like were relatively costly, so I figured I would save my money and use this classic bag I already owned. It is roomy, has an interior pocket, and a hook to attach my keys. Perfect!

2. 'Tranquility' Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blankets, aden + anais, 3 pack/$45.00: These blankets literally got ya covered. Not only are they super soft and comfy for your little peanut, but they serve so many purposes...blankie, nursing cover, burp cloth, and car seat cover! If any mamas out there don't own these, you better check yo'self.

3. Jonathan Adler for SKIP*HOP Pronto Diaper Changing Station,  buybuyBABY, $34.99: Since I didn't go the traditional "diaper bag" route I needed a cushiony pad to bring along to change my girl. This clutch is so great because when it's time for a diaper change you just grab it and go! About 5-6 diapers and a case of wipes fit nicely inside their own individual compartments.

4. Sophie la Girafe 'So Pure' Vanilla Teether, Nordstrom, $14.95: Sophie has got to be the most popular baby item out there. Lucca loves to chew on or squeeze everything in sight. This mini Sophie is the perfect size to bring out and about and she's cute to look at, to boot!

5. Rebecca Minkoff Luca Pouch, Shopbop, $88.00: This pouch named for designer Rebecca Minkoff's baby Luca may be my favorite item in my diaper bag.  This perfectly-sized pouch corrals all of my baby essentials in one place.  You heard me right! Everything I bring along for Lucca fits into this handy little thing.  It's nylon on the outside and inside to make for easy cleaning and has multiple pockets and zippered compartments labeled "sippy cup, pacifier, burp cloth" and even a pocket for mom!

6. Extra Outfit, Gap, $24.95: One outfit for backup is all I carry. This striped onesie from babygap is too adorable. If I could purchase every single item from babygap I would. Their clothing is so soft, wears and washes well and is down right precious.

7. Philips AVENT BPA Free Freeflow Pacifier, Babies 'R Us, $5.99: Pacifiers have been my life saver when I have a particularly cranky baby.  No one wants to be that mom with the baby crying uncontrollably at the store or in a restaurant (and if I do happen to be that mom please don't shoot me dirty looks. I know the crying is annoying and I know you can't tolerate it but I don't like it either. Thanks!)  This is the only kind she will take and most times it does help soothe my baby.

8. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Pacifier, Nipple, Teether & Toy Wipes, Babies 'R Us, $9.99: I can't tell you how many times a pacifier gets spit out or a teether gets thrown onto the floor. These wipes are great for a quick clean when you don't have a sterilizer handy.

Moms (and dads, too!) I want to hear from you.  What are your diaper bag must haves?


  1. A diaper bag that has a hook for the keys is a must have for me. The baby’s diaper bag is a good hiding place for my keys and it takes years before I find it. Haha! I thought you didn’t have a burp cloth, but I’m glad that you’ve placed baby’s essentials in a pouch. Call that “organizing” right? Good job on your diaper swag, Christina! :)

    -Leonia Shearer-

    1. those keys always manage to hide pretty well, huh?! glad you enjoyed this post. thanks for visiting!


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