easy diy reupholstery.

Here's the scenario: you have a piece of furniture or accent piece in your home that no longer matches your decor, but you just can't seem to part with it.  I feel that if you love a piece enough, you can usually find simple ways to jazz it up without having to spend much dinero.  Maybe it's an ottoman, a throw pillow, an accent chair, or in my case a vanity stool. 

So rather than ditching this perfectly good stool I decided to give it a quick zhush-ing with new fabric for the seat cushion.  This is such an easy DIY, even my Frenchie could do it (well maybe if he had opposable catch my drift!) All you need is fabric of your choice and a staple gun. I already had this fabric sample tucked away in my craft closet so this project cost me ZERO dollars.  Can't beat that!

First I unscrewed the base from the seat cushion.  Next, I lined my fabric up so it was centered on the cushion.  I flipped the cushion over and went crazy with the staple gun until the fabric was securely attached.  Then I just screwed the cushion back into the vase and...voila!

She's as good as new! 


  1. So cute, Christina! I love this post and your new blog!


  2. thanks betsy! keep coming back for more!!


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