i've got the blues.

Well, not exactly. Allow me to explain myself.

Interior design has piqued my interest for as long as I can remember. Growing up my mama, who also has a keen eye for style, always consulted me on what color to paint the living room or which combination of throw pillows I preferred on our sofa and other matters of the like.  Just like most girls I fantasized about the idea of one day decorating my apartment in college and eventually having free reign to deck out my very own home.

Cut to March 2010. Just like any other day I made my daily trip to our mailbox only to find the "All About Blue" issue of House Beautiful.  

Yes, those pages are dogeared...this was before Pinterest, people!

As soon as my eyes met the cover I was completely enamored! The soothing shades of powder blues laced with some lavender and touches of gold accents whisked me away to another world.  I closed my eyes and envisioned myself right there in that gorgeous living room designed by Tobi Fairley. And as I devoured the rest of the magazine I was not disappointed.  More and more interiors in every shade of blue on the color wheel danced off of the page.  It was this moment that I realized I was utterly in LOVE with all things related to home decor.

I thought I would start this blog to share with you things that charm me- whether it be for the home, my latest fashion fixes or maybe a favorite recipe here and there (I am a decent cook, ya know)! My hope for you, my beloved friends and readers, is that you will visit Good Luxe Charm for the same inspiration and escape this image provides me. 

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  1. sooooo elated that this is real!!! love you & your blog. now i can say you are my bestie IRL (in real life) & my bloggy bestie. lol. xoxoxoxo


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